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There are seven cervical, 12 thoracic, and 5 lumbar vertebrae in your spine. Each is connected by a series of muscles, ligaments, disks, joints, and joint capsules that dictate the movement pattern of each vertebrae. Furthermore, each spinal level contains the delicate nerves that emanate from your spinal cord. Evaluating your spine, posture, and movement patterns allows us to determine the cause of your pain and provide effective treatments to help you manage your pain.

Man suffering from back pain

Back pain

The cause of back pain in children is usually quite different than in adults. Adults generally suffer from back pain arising from degenerative conditions such as degenerative disks or arthritis. Children, however usually have more acute or congenital conditions. We are experienced in treating both adults and children with back pain and provide a holistic approach including a postural assessment and evaluation of where you are weak or tight to help you reduce or eliminate your back pain.

Neck pain

Your neck is comprised of 7 cervical vertebrae and the base of your skull. These vertebrae allow for an amazing amount of motion to allow you to explore your environment. When you are suffering from neck pain even the most simple activities such as responding to someone calling your name becomes a challenge. Both children and adults may suffer from neck pain but it is much more common as we age. While there are many possible causes for neck pain, we can help assess and treat the source of your pain and help you reduce or eliminate your pain.